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Jabt - A driver for the Alva Braille Terminal series 3, 4 and 5.

The background program jabt makes the Alva Braille Terminal to follow the screen. It provides both a serial as well as a parallel driver for the 3 series and only a serial driver for the 4 (Delphi) and 5 (Satellite) series. Jabt will read the information directly from the screen and displays it on the braille terminal.

When the screen is switched to graphics mode, jabt will display the text "graphics screen" on the terminal.

Jabt optionally displays the screen attributes of a character by setting dot 8 of that character.

Jabt has also a small screen reader built in. It is a simplified version of screader. This version can speak out the line currently displayed on the terminal or the whole screen. It also can automatically speak out every character being typed or every word.

There are cut and paste features built-in too.

Jabt provides still more features.